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Grow Your business with proven market experts

Delivering Results When You Need Them Most

We are dynamic organization that unifies a diverse group of experts from the financial, e-commerce and energy sectors. With our collective knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to delivering tailor-made and practical solutions to empower businesses.

Our Services

Agnė Daukšienė

I am passionate about business development of regulatory services. With over 18 years of successful work in Banking, Asset Management, Capital markets, Energy Sector, I am ready to scale and develop compliant products & services for Your Company, as well as expand business in foreign markets.


Live and online our specialists are ready to train your team on compliance, legal, risk management, HR and financial management topics.

Trainings & courses

Accelerate your success in achieving your strategic business goals with effective HR practices. We will support you in solving HR challenges from strategy or change plan development to its implementation. 

Human Resources

Streamline your operations with ExpertLab's part-time management services, offering experienced professionals for legal, compliance, HR, project management, risk management roles.

Part-time managers services

Create Your product and service success by using deep expertise in financial, investment, payment, investment funds, securities, e-commerce and digital.

Product structuring & development

Empower your business with more than legal advice. ExpertLab offers comprehensive legal, compliance, business development solutions for the financial, energy and e-commerce sectors.

Legal Services

Navigate complex regulations seamlessly with ExpertLab's simplified approach to compliance, from AML/TF, international sanction, GDPR to risk management and strengthen of internal controls.

Regulatory Compliance

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